Man I suck! I haven't posted an update in months. Sorry all, I have been absolutely buried in the shop this past year. First off, I FINALLY finished my shop expansion that I've been working on for the past three years! Yeah, it's about time, eh? It's not completely done, actually, but it's done enough to move in and get back to full-time guitar work, so that's a good thing! The addition of a new assembly area, design studio, and office, are incredibly beneficial to my work efficiency and spirit.

In addition to the shop construction, and lot's of custom one-offs, I've been working with my buddy Howard Swimmer on the new John Page Classic line of "Custom Production" guitars. Our first entry into the market, the Ashburn Classic, has been met with rave reviews and success at the dealers! Add to that, we just released the Ashburn Classic HH, a double humbucking version of the same beauty. In addition to it featuring our new Bloodline 2 Humbuckers, it also has a 2 point Gotoh Tremolo, and their new locking vintage style tuners. This little beauty is rocking!

If you happen to be at NAMM in Anaheim this month (January), please stop by our booth and say Hi! We'll be at Booth 3090 in Hall D. I'll have a few of my Customs, as well as a really nice selection of our new Classic Series. There might even be a few surprises!

Well, back to building. I'll talk to y'all soon!



2015 continues to be a crazy busy year. My shop expansion, which I started over three years ago, is almost complete. It’s about time, eh? The new area, my “design studio” will house my office, design equipment (drawing and layout tables, computers, etc.), clean bench, library, and tool storage. I have designed and built it to help inspire me while I create… and I’m really loving it! The new area allows me to better utilize my old shop space as a machine/fabrication room. I’ll be adding more bench space as well as laying out the machinery in a more efficient manner. All of this will hopefully help me make even better guitars… and a few more a year too!

Now, as if that wasn’t enough, I have even more to tell you about. March 31, 2015 marks the launch of a brand new project… John Page Classic, the brainchild of my friend Howard Swimmer, CEO of HRS Unlimited .The concept? Making my custom designs accessible to more players. How? By having them produced by one of the finest factories in Japan, that I have known for decades, and being watched over and supervised by people whom I have known, respected, and worked with for over 30 years. An incredibly well built guitar, with all of the features I build into my hand-built custom models, for about a third of the cost. Wow, am I excited!

The first model to be launched under the John Page Classic brand is the Ashburn. To find out more about it, and find a dealer near you, check out the new John Page Classic website , and see our ads in the May issue of Guitar Player and Guitar World magazines!

Thank you all for the wonderful support… cheers!

Well, here we are, 2015. Another exciting year ahead for us at John Page Custom Guitars, starting with this brand new website! My son, Adam, has done it again! Please look around the new site and let us know what you think, and check out all of his work at apagecode . I’m extremely proud of him… thanks Adam! This year also will mark the completion of our new shop addition. Building guitars all week and working on the addition on the weekends has been a long slow process, over three years, but it’s turning out wonderfully. The new area will house my new design studio, office, personal bench, and guitar/amp testing space. It’s bright, vibrant and very inspiring… the perfect place to create my guitars.

With the new space, I’m hoping to catch-up on all of my back orders, and also create some new models and art pieces. 2015 looks like it’s going to be an amazing year. Thanks to all who have shared this journey with me!
Wow... the end of another year is almost here. Crazy how the time flies by, eh? I hope this year has been filled with lots of good things in your life! Things continue to be crazy busy here at the shop. Lots of guitars in process, new designs, and the shop expansion is still underway. I just added a beautiful new guitar to the gallery, AJ Custom Thinline #076. It's made entirely from Indian Rosewood. I was able to find stock thick enough to allow me to bookmatch both the front and back, and do a "clamshell", multi-chambered body glue-up. I designed between 35 and 40 different soundholes until I came up with the refined "f-hole" that I used. It added to the overall elegance of the instrument. The TV Jones Classic neck pickup, paired with a Suhr Classic T in the bridge, and my JP Woodone Deluxe Hardtail Bridge, makes this guitar sweet and punchy. She's a beauty, Phil... and she's all yours!
Well it's almost summer and things continue to be crazy busy here in the shop! I just shipped the first of my new re-designed Ashburn model, and I'm really thrilled with it. It features my 6 in-line peghead and a new double-cutaway body, with a more defined upper body horn and a 12 3/4" lower bout. It has 3 single coil, S-style pickups, a master volume and tone, and a vintage style 6 point tremolo. I'm still in the process of making a final decision on which tremolo I'll be using as the stock bridge, but the first one, #087, uses a VSVG Wilkerson/Gotoh bridge. The pickups were Lollar Black Faces in the neck and middle positions, with a Chicago Steel for Strat in the bridge. This baby kicks some serious Ash! I'm still finalizing which pickups I'll be using in the stock model.

I'm still working on the shop building expansion, which is going kind of slow these days due to my back-log of guitar orders, but hopefully it'll be done this summer. I'll keep you posted! In the meantime join me on Facebook!

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