The first batch of P-1's is unfortunately behind schedule. This first year has included a lot of expansion and re-arranging my "art studio/shop" into my "guitar shop/art studio". That, combined with the fact that I'm basically pretty anal, has put me behind a bit. I had hoped to ship the first batch by the end of August, but now it looks like that will slide to October-ish. I'm committed to making the finest instruments I can, in the manner in which I feel is critical, and that is taking me more time than I estimated. I thank all of my "inaugural clients" for their support and patience! The 2008 batch is mostly spoken for at this time, although there are still a couple of slots available. I expect those to ship next Summer.

Hi all! Just a quick update. I should be starting the painting process on the '07 batch of P-1's by the first of July. Because of that, I've decided that I'll begin taking orders again starting July 1st 2007, for the '08 batch of P-1's. I've already received quite a few Queue Deposits, but there are still several spots open for next year. If you're interested, drop me an e-mail. Also, I just updated my "Functional Art" column today at Modern Guitars Magazine, with the "Building Number One" series. This installment covers the first stage of the neck building process. To check it out, Click Here!

The 2007 batch of P-1's is well on their way in the building process and I'm having a great time building them! I thought it would be kind of cool to document the building of 001, so I have been. I will be posting the progress pictures on my "Functional Art" column at To check it out, Click Here!

It's official... the 2007 batch of P-1 Guitars is sold out! I have suspended taking additional orders at this time, but I have begun taking "Queue Deposits" for the Spring 2008 batch. The Queue Deposit locks in a slot in the next batch and assigns a serial number as well. If you're interested, send me an e-mail. I'd be happy to save you an '08 P-1!

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