Man... things have been crazy busy here at the shop for the past year! We have been in the process of a building expansion, as well as trying to keep up on guitar orders, so it's been a bit nuts! In addition to the shop expansion and building current orders, we've been developing a couple new models, as well as a new bass saddle in our JP Woodtone line. I'll talk about that more later, when I have a bit more time to elaborate. Until then, I've added some new photos to the gallery portion of the site, including shots of the first Lil' Mo/ML-K models (named after my beautiful daughter Monique Lanee). You can Join me on Facebook by clicking here! I tend to visit there quite often. Until next time... cheers!
I hope everyone is having a great Holiday Season! Things continue to be very busy here at the shop, lots of guitars in process, lots of JP Woodtone saddles going out, and lots of new designs happening too! I've just added some more shots to the Gallery page, the first Ashburn... which is more of a F-style version of the DLS with my new 6 in-line peghead. Also the first AJ with a 6 in-line peg... and a TV Jones Classic to boot! It's got a tasty retro vibe. Also another piece for my good friend Theo in South Africa... a DLS Hybrid to match SV #031 which he bought a couple of years ago. Man I dig that Port Orford Cedar!

Be happy and well... til next time!
Man it's been crazy busy... I just finished and added 2 more guitars to the gallery, we launched our new store site last week, and the JP Woodtone saddles continue to go out the door! In addition to that we've just finished pouring the slab for our shop expansion, whew! If only I had time for a nap. Anyway, the 2 new guitars in the gallery are very cool. Serial number 046 is the first double-neck out the shop, a guitar/baritone DL Custom in 2TSB on Ash, with Maple necks and a gold anodized pickguard... it's smokin' with its combination of all Loller pickups. It's now in the hands of Lars from the Hellbillies in Norway. Serial number 055 is a DLS Custom with an Ash back and an insanely quilted Maple top, back loaded, with inlay by Ron Thorn and all gold hardware... man this guitar is rich! The tone is ultra sweet with a special set of custom Suhr MLs and the reverse angle on the lead pickup. It's now in the very capable hands of Glenn from Fraid Knot up in Canada. Believe it or not, it was a gift from his brother Bill... how cool is that? Glen is also the man behind "The Celt", P-1SV 019.

046 is the first guitar out of the shop with my new 6 in-line peghead. With the advent of this new neck we will be releasing some new models, the "L" series, named after my daughters Monique Lanee and Ashley Lauren. Currently on the drawing board, the "Ashburn" and "Lil' Mo". With this new pegs straight string pull I feel comfortable being able to offer tremolo options now.

Okay, back to work. Till next time... cheers!
I just added five more guitars to the gallery... I hope you'll check them out! In addition to that we've just released the JP Woodtone T-style replacement saddles to the public! I first developed these saddles for the WG Bass, but last year I designed a guitar version too. They were designed to not only work on my JP Woodtone bridge (used on my K series of guitars), but also to be direct replacement for 3 saddle T-style bridges as well. I absolutely love the richness it adds to the tone... they even made my old late 70's Tele sound good!

The JP Woodtone T-style replacement saddles are available for immediate delivery... check them out here!

Cheers all!
The NAMM Show in January went great... but I'm still slammin' to play catch-up! Oh well, all is good. The guys over at Premier Guitar did a cool interview/video with me at the booth. Check it out here!

I want to thank everyone who helped me out at my first solo show, Dana, Adam, Bill, Ro, Tim, Hiro, and especially my buddy Nick Sugimoto for asking me to share his booth with him! Looks like we'll be doing it again next year!

Cheers all!

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