I've just added a few new guitars to my gallery... I hope you'll check them out! A couple of them will be in my booth at the NAMM Show, January 19-22 at the Anaheim Convention Center. As a reminder, my booth number is 1349 in Hall E. I'll be sharing it with Nick Sugimoto of Sugi Guitars, a very good old friend. I hope you'll come by and visit us. Have a great one... cheers!
Welcome to 2012 everyone! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and are ready to rip it up in this new year. I decided to start the year off right and show at my first NAMM Show with John Page Guitars... should be a hoot! I will be sharing a small booth with my good friend Nick Sugimoto of Sugi Guitars in Japan. Our booth number is 1349 in Hall E. It's at the Anaheim Convention Center, January 19th - 22nd. Come on out, say hello and try out a few of my guitars too! I hope I see you there... Cheers!
I've just added four new guitars to the Gallery today! An absolutely gorgeous P-1 (#039) with a stunning multi-bound Maple top, the first ever rear loaded DL... also with a killer Maple top, and 2 new AJ-Ks for Kurosawa in Japan. The AJ-Ks have the same features of their big sister, the SV-K, but with the smaller AJ body... including the Wood-Tone bridge that I've been making. It looks like I'll be offering the Wood-Tone saddles as a replacement saddle for vintage T-type bridges, both in the acrylized Ebony as well as Verawood. They should be available by the end of the year. Until then enjoy your Fall... cheers!
It has been a busy few months and I've added some new photos to prove it! I just finished a new model that I developed for the Kurosawa dealer chain in Japan... the SV-K. It's based on my P-1SV with several new features. It features 2 John Suhr DSV humbuckers, (body mounted without trim rings), matching peghead veneer to body, Ebony fretboard without top dots, and my new JP Wood-Tone bridge! The guitar sounds fantastic! My new bridge features Ebony/Stainless Steel compensated saddles that look as good as they sound. The saddles add an acoustic quality to the guitar as well as a bit of warmth. They're a bit hard to describe tonally, but it's kind of like a beautiful wooden bell tone (at least to my ears). So check out the new additions and have a great day... cheers!
I just added a few shots of an experimental guitar I just finished for a great guy, Eddie J. He wanted a guitar that he could put any pickup combo in rather easily... so we came up with the P-1X3. It's a chambered P-1 body, finished in Lake Placid Blue, with pickup routs that allow for humbuckers, single coil S type, and P-90 pickups to be installed. All the pickup and pickguard mounting is done with tiny brass threaded inserts in the body and machine screws. The pickup coupling utilizes miniature polarized connectors. There is a different pickguard for each combination. It was a ton of work, but a lot of fun too. Hopefully it will give him the studio tool he's looking for!

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