Welcome to my new website! It's hard to believe that I've been back building guitars long enough that it was time to re-vamp the site. Once again Adam, at Anon235, has done an amazing job for me. Good thing I'm his dad or this would've cost me a fortune! We still have some areas that we plan on adding over the next couple of months, like sound files and expanded galleries, so keep checking in.

Look around... I hope you like the new digs!
Well, I've been buried lately, not only with building but also at the design table. My new model, the "DL", is just about done with the engineering. I hope to start making templates within the next few weeks and have a few prototypes in process by July... cool stuff! I've also begun the design process on a new bass with my good friend Bill Giles. The "WG Bass" is in perfect alignment with my design goal of trying to make each piece timeless both in aesthetic and tone. It's got an old school flair that's not forced... which I'm totally diggin'!
I have a P-1SV spec piece available for sale (no year+ wait like the custom orders). It's a tasty Trans Fiesta Red one on an Ash body with a Honduran Mahogany neck with a Brazilian board, Suhr pickups and Moto P/G. Photos are posted in "The Boutique" section of my forum - (CLICK HERE) Check it out, and if you're interested drop me an e-mail for pricing info.
Cheers y'all!
Check out the Gallery! There's some new shots of the latest guitars coming out of the shop. P-1SV, #019... (named "The Celt") is an Irish celebration disguised as a guitar. Ron Thorn inlaid a Scottish Thistle I designed at the 12th fret, and I spent a whole bunch of time with a magnifying glass cutting out a Celtic Knot on the nickel silver pickguard. The owner Glenn is a wonderful guy and has the patience of a saint! P-1SV, #020 is also new to the gallery. It sports a spectacular Redwood top that not too long ago was a piece of a barn here in Southern Oregon. The back is a muli-lam of Honduran Mahogany and 1000 year old Port Orford Cedar resurrected from one of the rivers up here (plus a couple of other accent species). She sings like a goddess! It's kind of a Pacific Northwest tribute... thanks Jerrod!
THE FORUM IS WORKING AGAIN! It came to my attention a couple of days ago (thanks to Eddie, aka s/n 001) that the forum was not allowing people to post comments. Turns out it was a code problem at the software and server level that we were not aware of. I guess it had been a problem for at least a few weeks. Thanks to Adam at anon235.com we were able to fix it today.
I've missed all of you guys... come on back and say hello. Oh, and by the way, new members always welcome! It's a great place to ask questions, get answers, or just chew the chew.
Talk to you soon!
I've just added Spec Sheets and an Option Sheet to my Price List page. They are in pdf format and you need to allow pop-ups to get them, but they are printable in case you want to print them out and read them later! I have decided to not publish price lists any more, but if you would like me to send you one all you need to do is drop me an e-mail. I need to know what country you're in though because I use international distributors in some regions of the world. This is especially helpful to customers if they ever need any future service. The distributors can handle those situations locally instead of anything having to come all the way back here to the boonies! Wishing you all the best of the best! Cheers!

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