Happy New Year everyone! May you and your loved ones have a fantastic, healthy 2009!
By the way, I just posted a new story on my column "Functional Art" at Modern Guitars (.com). It's the first part of a multi-part series about the design and building of a new art guitar based on my 2005 award winning mixed media piece "Woman is the Machine". If you want to check out the column Just click here!
I've got the second batch of P-1s (and 1st run of P-1SVs) well on their way now. The first five are going into the paint booth tomorrow or Monday. With them this far along I can now start taking orders for the 2009 run. I will be taking an extremely low number of custom orders this year so that I can continue to work on some new designs. I'm hoping to finish the first proto of the "DL" sometime by mid-year and also begin design on the "WG" Bass as well... so my plate is full!
If you're interested in placing an order drop me an e-mail, and please let me know what country you're in. I'll send you my current pricing and option sheet. I should be starting the next batch in late spring of 2009, with estimated completion by year end.
I wish you all a wonderful holiday season, and may peace be with us all through next year and beyond!
I just shipped P-1 Serial Number 012 yesterday... she's the last of the first batch of P-1s I started over a year and a half ago. I can't thank my first year clients enough for their support and patience with me. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I posted the pics of 012 in my gallery if you want to check her out. She's probably the fanciest one yet, Quilted Mahogany with Abalone binding and a Nickel Silver Trimguard overlayed with Abalam... pretty cool!
I'm now full-time on the guitar stands, so all you guys that have been waiting patiently for them, well, they're coming soon! The materials for the second batch of P-1s is now in the shop curing. I'll be chipping away at them in the next couple of weeks.
I hope you're all having a great summer... be happy and well and I'll be chatting with you soon!
I can't believe it's June already! Man the years are flying! I'm finishing up the first batch of P-1s (finally, I know), with the last couple shipping around the end of this month (I hope). I'll be finishing up all those guitar stand orders at that time and getting started on the second batch of P-1s and the first batch of P-1SVs. I sure want to thank everyone for their patience with me during this start-up mode. I appreciate it more than you'll ever know.
We've finally added the Forum link to the navigation bar above. I welcome anyone who'd like to get involved to please do so. Ask your questions, share your experiences, and chat away. You do not have to be a P-1 owner to participate. By the way, it's been great talking to all you guys that have joined up!
Just FYI, I have been asked to come down and MC the 10th Anniversary of the Kids Rock Free Educational Programs that I started at the Fender Museum... well, 10 years ago (duh). So I'll be down in Corona California for the event on Saturday June 14th. Paul Rogers from Bad Company will be performing, along with some of the kid's bands we had formed over the years. The Fender Benders will be opening the show. If you're down in the area and you want to come by go to their website at http://www.fendermuseum.com/ and buy some tickets!
I hope I'll see some of you there! Peace y'all!
Effective immediately I am suspending taking on additional custom orders for 2008. I will however be building several spec pieces this year that will be available for sale. I'm not exactly sure what they will be, but I've got some new ideas that I really want to work on. When they're complete I'll be sure to post them here.
Thanks again for all of your support!

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