JP Woodtone T-Style Bridge Assembly with Ebony Saddles

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JP Woodtone Ebony Saddles mounted on an engraved, Nickel plated steel, T-Style bridge plate

(See saddles for their detailed description) John Page brings in the raw steel bridge plates into his shop and hand files, grinds and sands the “die blossoms” and tooling marks off of them to give them a smooth, “better-than-the-original” look and feel. He then sends the plates off to his metal plater where they are detailed polished and sent on to Tim Shimp for the engraved JP Woodtone logo. The plates are then sent back to the platers for a deluxe Nickel plating… and then finally back to John. John personally inspects each one and assembles them with the JP Woodtone saddles. If it’s not good enough for one of John’s guitars it doesn’t go out the door. The bridge assembly comes complete with 4 - #6 flat head mounting screws, a .050” hex wrench for saddle height adjustment, and incredibly clear installation instructions (for the saddles).