JP Woodtone T-Style Bridge Replacement Saddles – Vera

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Hand-made T-style bridge replacement saddles made of Vera and Stainless Steel, compensated for accurate intonation.

John Page developed the JP Woodtone saddles because of his decades long love of the Fender Telecaster. As much as he admired this great guitar he always had an aversion to its “ice pick” highs… the non-musical, cut-your-head-off shrill top end that some Teles can have. After developing the first JP Woodtone bridge for his WG Bass, he realized that the depth and richness it added would be an amazing fix to his Tele… and so it was. Utilizing the second densest wood in the world, Vera (also known as Argentinean Lignum Vitae), John and his wife Dana painstakingly hand fabricate these little pieces of art and tone-full richness. The compensated tuning is achieved via precisely position Stainless Steel inserts, creating a tough termination point for each string. Each saddle is designed specifically for the two strings that will share it, and is marked as such. The saddle set contains 3 saddles (E-A, D-G, B-E) with height adjust and intonation screws and springs, a .050” hex wrench for height adjustment, and incredibly clear installation instructions.