I hope everyone is having a great Holiday Season! Things continue to be very busy here at the shop, lots of guitars in process, lots of JP Woodtone saddles going out, and lots of new designs happening too! I've just added some more shots to the Gallery page, the first Ashburn... which is more of a F-style version of the DLS with my new 6 in-line peghead. Also the first AJ with a 6 in-line peg... and a TV Jones Classic to boot! It's got a tasty retro vibe. Also another piece for my good friend Theo in South Africa... a DLS Hybrid to match SV #031 which he bought a couple of years ago. Man I dig that Port Orford Cedar!

Be happy and well... til next time!
Posted: December 17, 2012 @ 2:57 PM


T-Style Bridge Plate with Saddles